The Psychodyssey
ISO: strength from the fans to make a spirit bomb by Ian Evans
February 2nd, 2017, 6:45 pm
ok... hmmmm. ok. ok. Lemme think here for a sec.

So my goal for this comic as of recent days of yore (like a year ago) was to finish this comic by the time I turn 25. I'm afraid I'll have too much to do by then as a person to be working on a silly stick figure comic, and I tend to be more motivated by deadlines. I made that goal when I was 22 and I kept telling myself that my pace was fine and that I had 3 years still. My other goal was to finish the first book by 2016, and, well... we're on page 20-something. I'm estimating the first book will be just under 300 pages. so if there is going to be 5 books that's like 1500 pages ballpark. If I were to complete 2 pages a day for the next two years, that is pretty close to covering those estimates. Part of the problem is that I spent all summer working on preparing the comic I had for scanning, which postponed writing the script for chapter 5 till September, and I'm about half way through drawing chapter 5. I have finally kind of dialed in the steps of uploading and scanning, etc. So things will go faster in the future. But I also need to try to stay motivated and not get distracted, cause it's absolutely crunch time. My plan was also originally to start updating at twice the speed once I started working on the second book, because right now the comic updates every 5 days and 23 hours. So in other words I have like 90 pages of buffer that could theoretically take around 90 weeks to release. I don't want you guys to have to wait that long for updates. I could start updating every 3 days to help make me feel more pressure, and therefore, more motivation. But then if I failed and went on a hiatus I would feel really bad, which is why I gave myself such a massive buffer in the first place.

So in other words, if you guys have any tips, tricks or advice for staying motivated and working on a long project, I'm all ears, and I would appreciate the help.
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artofjoe February 3rd, 2017, 4:07 am
ADVICE As someone who has already written a 1500 page stickman series, I would be willing to help with any questions you might have.

As for staying motivated...
1. Make sure this project is something that YOU want to do, do you really want to write a book that long? I personally haven't written a book much more than 200 pages long, but if you want to, it would make a great accomplishment.
2. Is the end reward worth the work to you? I know that for me at least, I would like to turn this into a money-making hobby and maybe even get my books turned into movies or T.V. Shows one day. I also have this vision of filling up a shelf at the Library with books about a Universe that I created. Maybe even owning a company that only does Stick-man stuff. These goals are worth it to me to keep working.
3. Think about your book ALL THE TIME. I keep myself up at night coming up with ideas on what to do next, I think about it at work, if I think of any cool ideas I can add to my story, I draw concept art. I would highly recommend concept art. It's good so that you don't design a character that you end up hating to draw.
4. Draw how YOU want it, don't go out of your way to meet the expectations of other people, but it is good to at least try what they suggest. My older brother is a professional animator, and he is always telling me I should draw certain things differently, even though I know that he is probably write, if I drew the way he wanted me to, I would hate drawing comics (coloring, don't do stickmen, blablabla) I have taken some of his advice into account, my drawing speed has decreased dramatically, but it did make them look a ton better.

That's all I have for now on that subject, if you need any help I would be extremely willing. Good luck! (or if you want a collab partner, that could be fun.)
Ian Evans February 6th, 2017, 6:18 pm
@artofjoe: I'm still pretty blown away that you've already made 1500 pages. If anyone can make stick figures a genre, it'll be you, lol. That was really good advice, it's anything I didn't already agree with, but it's nice to get that reassurance that my heart is in the right place and that I can do it. Thanks for being an inspiration Joe.
artofjoe February 6th, 2017, 8:38 pm
@Ian Evans: Sure thing! :D I love your comics so I'm in support! keep it up!