The Psychodyssey
A note about the Psychodyssey by Ian Evans
October 7th, 2016, 12:39 pm
The Psychodyssey was written in a style that contains heavy elements of parody, homage, and allusion. To achieve a fuller understanding and experience of the story, the afore mentioned elements must be taken into account. The majority of these elements are used from dizzyingly obscure movies, books, and TV shows. Although I could simply explain them all myself, I thought it could be a more enriching experience for my readers if they worked together to discover the parodies, homages and allusions within the story. So feel free to call out anything you see that could possibly be some kind of reference to something else (in the comments).

As you do, I will offer incentives for correct connections. Certain references will "unlock" character sheets, extras, and other pages that could be helpful to understanding the plot and characters of this story. Every correct connection made will also warrant a double update. So in theory you could make the comic update faster if you correctly determine the origin of the references. I will also keep track of how well everyone does on an individual basis, and will offer a prize for "he or she who gets the most stuff right." I thought this would be an alternative to patreon-esque rewards that are only available to people who pay money. I would rather see people enjoy these things for free.
Other tips: don't be afraid to ask me for clues
don't be afraid to ask a friend you know for pop culture knowledge

Thanks for reading my comic.
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CanIHaveClues? (Guest) May 11th, 2019, 9:36 am
I like your work You said "don't be afraid to ask for clues." I am not afraid, can you give me clues?