The Psychodyssey


July 15th, 2017, 1:09 pm
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From the Author
Ian Evans July 15th, 2017, 1:10 pm
He lives!
The dialogue here is kinda wacky, but I really enjoy this part of the chapter.
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TheJGamer July 15th, 2017, 1:13 pm
Because more bad stuff will happen when it gets real dark.
Ian Evans July 16th, 2017, 5:11 am
@TheJGamer: I know, haven't they ever seen I am Legend? The need to hurry it on up
artofjoe July 15th, 2017, 3:08 pm
I love how characters like hobo Joe can just show up and be super awesome.
Ian Evans July 16th, 2017, 5:11 am
@artofjoe: thanks man. I think I like Duane better, but Hobo Joe is a very fun character for me to work with. I'm glad you like him.
artofjoe July 16th, 2017, 5:19 am
@Ian Evans: Of course I like him! For some reason, I can't really say why... He just feels like a homeless 20 years older version of me. I can just really relate with him for some reason. :/ I wonder why that is...
Ian Evans July 16th, 2017, 1:05 pm
@artofjoe: it definitely isn't because his name is Joe
artofjoe July 16th, 2017, 9:08 pm
@Ian Evans: Stop, stop ... But what if it was?