The Psychodyssey


February 14th, 2017, 9:02 pm
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From the Author
Ian Evans February 12th, 2017, 3:22 pm
I promise one day the panels will be bigger. and the text will be clearer
Advertisement October 19th, 2019, 12:44 am
Ian Evans September 6th, 2017, 12:12 am
@artofjoe: however did you come to that conclusion
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Starmanfan February 14th, 2017, 9:21 pm
Ged gotta keep his hands off the ladies
artofjoe February 17th, 2017, 4:59 pm
No way! A town called smart!
Ian Evans February 17th, 2017, 5:22 pm
@artofjoe: can you say "antithesis?"
AmeliaP September 3rd, 2017, 7:19 pm
"like a handsome vampire" LOL
Ian Evans September 4th, 2017, 12:57 am
@AmeliaP: makes me wonder what kind of books she's been reading
AmeliaP September 8th, 2017, 6:14 pm
@Ian Evans: Twilight is one of them, for sure! XD
Ian Evans September 8th, 2017, 6:21 pm
@AmeliaP: Haha, definitely!
artofjoe September 6th, 2017, 12:12 am
Is that a twilight reference I see?
Mushroom Flabs August 12th, 2018, 6:48 am
Ian Evans September 21st, 2018, 7:57 pm
@Mushroom Flabs: ur mum is homo